A Jar of Spring

 A Jar of Spring Math Games Dollar Deal
A Jar of Spring has 7 math games. These math games sharpen addition and subtraction skills. 

The 7 game boards are full of spring flowers. All you need to play are 2 dice, a game board, and some tokens or beans to cover numbers.  Here are the 7 games:
•Game 1: Add 2 dice for a sum. 
•Game 2: Add 2 dice for a sum and add 10 more. 
•Game 3: Add 2 dice for a sum and subtract 2 from the sum. 
•Game 4: Add 2 dice for a sum, add 10 more, and subtract 1.
•Game 5: Roll 3 dice for a sum. 
•Game 6: Roll 2 dice and cover if the sum is odd or even. 
•Game 7: Roll 2 dice and highest (or lowest) sum advances forward.

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 A Jar of Winter Math Games
Here are the same games with a winter theme. These Jar of Winter Games are also included as a Dollar Deal! Just click the picture on the left to read more about it.  


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