FREE Sounds for -ed (t-d-ed) Activity

When we add the suffix, "ed" to the end of words, it can make three different sounds. This is difficult for students to grasp, especially for ESL (English as a Second Language) students. These three sounds make it difficult for students to pronounce and write. If the word was parked, some students might spell it; parkt. When this happens, students are unaware that the suffix -ed comes at the end of base words and that they make a sound of t, d, or ed). If you have ever taught this skill, you know it takes some practice for some students to understand. 

I have created a few Sounds for -ED Resources to help teach the suffix -ed. I also have a FREEBIE from this pack to help you teach this difficult skill.

I created a set of 80 task cards that practice the skill of finding the sound of _ed. These 80 task cards are broken down into 2 sets. Set 1 (red cards): Students find the sound -ed makes at the end of the word. Set 2 (green cards): Students find a word on the task card that matches the same end sound as the word on the task card. 

These task cards will last for a few weeks at your reading centers if you use just 10 task cards at a time. Just switch them out each week. Use the recording sheet to record answers. An answer key is included. The words on the task cards use short and long vowel sounds. The green cards are more challenging and perfect for students who understand the sound of -ed. Here is an example of the task cards:

This FREE download also has two sets of words to separate into the 3 sounds, a playing mat, and a recording sheet to write words. 
FREE Sounds for Suffix ED
This activity is great for beginning readers and ESL students. This helps students recognize that the suffix, _ed, makes three sounds. 

Click the picture above to read more about it and download so you can use it right away in the classroom. Just print!

I also have this in Pumpkin Theme:
Pumpkin ED Sounds Task Cards
ED Games and Centers
I also have some fun centers to use with _ed sounds. This pack of games and centers go perfect with the task cards from above. This pack has more words to read, some fun games to play and a few worksheets to keep practicing this skill. Click the picture on the left to read and see more about these apple _ed games and centers at my TPT store. 

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