Spring Freebies and Resources

Spring is in the air! Spring brings regrowth and is a perfect time for refreshing new resources for the classroom. I have some fun FREE and paid resources you can use in the classroom this spring season. 

 Free Spring Compare and Contrast Writing
Free Compare and Contrast Spring Writing. Your students will love these spring writing worksheets! Students use complete sentences as they compare the two pictures. They can write about the differences or they can use the Venn Diagram to jot down some comparisons. 

 Free Spring Break Writing
Did you manage to snag this FREE spring break writing I made last year? This fun little freebie will help students organize their thoughts as they write about an event from their spring break vacation. This will be a great tool to see where you need to go with your writing lessons by the end of the year.
 Spring Opinion Writing Task Cards
Spring Opinion Writing has 24 task cards. Each task card has a question about spring. Students use their opinion writing skills to answer the question. Also included are opinion starters and transitions to help students between points. It also includes a graphic organizer to help students write thoughts and plan their writing. These are great for your spring writing centers or for early finishers. Click the picture to read more about it.
 24 Opinion Task Cards for Spring Opinion Transitions  Opinion Graphic Organizer for Writing

 Spring Games Dollar DealDo your students need to practice their addition facts? A Jar of Spring is only available on my blog. This pack has 7 games that use two dice. Students add for a sum and then they do something with that sum.  
 A Jar of Spring Addition Games
 Spring Fact Families
Do your students need to brush up on their addition and subtraction fact families? This pack has 3 different centers. Students write the 4 fact family equations, they find the fact family equation that's missing, and they find the fact family that doesn't belong. 
 Find the missing fact family Write the 4 fact family equations Which fact family equations doesnt belong

 Counting Caterpillars by 5
Do your students need to work on counting by 5s, 10s, or 1s? Counting Caterpillars can help reinforce this skill. Copy, cut, and laminate the caterpillars. Students use a dry erase marker to write the numbers on the caterpillar. These are great for anytime of the year, not just springtime. Click the picture to see counting by 5s.
 Count By 5s

Are you bugged by equal equations? Click below to practice the equal sign. 

 Equal Equations Multiplication and Division Spring Equations Addition and Subtraction Single Digits

 Here are more spring resources you might need for the classroom:
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 Spring Resources on Pinterest
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