Bone Chilling Stories

Your students will be able to scare up some fun stories with these 3 writing activities. Bone Chilling Stories include 3 different ideas to use for creative writing or story writing for the month of October. 

Also included are Graphic Organizers and Planning Maps to help organize writing. Click the picture to read more about it. 
 Bone Chilling Stories Bone Chilling Stories Candy Corn Bone Chilling Pick a Story
 Graphic Organizer Brainstorm Graphic Organizer for Bone Chilling Stories Graphic Organizers
 The 1st set of stories has 12 bones with Halloween words on them. The students use all the words on the bone to write a story. Choose a graphic organizer to plan writing.

The 2nd set of stories include a character, setting, and plot on 12 candy corn pieces. Students choose a candy corn to write a story using the 3 story elements.

The 3rd set of stories also have a character, setting, and plot. Cut the 16 sets of cards apart and put in 3 separate jars. Students pick a card from each jar to write a story.
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 Story Writing Centers
Click Story Writing on the left to see the "everyday" theme for Story writing. This one is just like Bone Chilling Stories, but without a holiday theme. Your students will have a great time generating some fun stories!

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