Compare and Contrast Writing Freebie!

When you compare and contrast, you are comparing similarities and differences. When we compare we look for things that are similar. When we contrast, we look for things that are different. This holiday I wanted my students to practice comparing and contrasting and I also wanted them to work on some more writing skills. I created this freebie below to practice comparing, contrasting, and writing. 
I included 2 pictures in this freebie. One about a penguin that you can use during winter season and one about Christmas. You can use the pictures to compare and contrast in a Venn Diagram or you can have students write the similarities and differences in complete sentence. 

Brush up on those comparing and contrasting writing skills with this fun little freebie! Students compare and contrast the two penguins by using a Venn Diagram or by just writing about it. Use for a writing center or as part of your comparing and contrasting lesson. Click the pictures above to download this freebie from my TPT store. 

Compare and Contrast Writing Centers
For more Compare and Contrast Writing, try this pack of writing centers. It comes with 24 picture prompts in Venn Diagrams, Writing Paper, and Task Cards. These pictures are great to use anytime of the year. These are ready to go. Just print. 

Here are some Venn Diagrams you may need for your classroom. I linked them to Amazon to make it easy for you. 

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Happy Winter!

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