Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Trading Spaces Tuesday

Hello all!  Stacy is not here today.  She is visiting Shanon's blog over at A Day in the Life of a Title One Teacher.  She has given me free reign today!  I'm Amy from Reading Is Elementary.  I am a K-5 Literacy Specialist in the burbs of Chicago.  Stacy and I both participated in a few blog hops late in 2013 with some other wonderful literacy specialists.  We decided to switch things up today and post other blogs.

My job as a Literacy Specialist is to work with small groups, push into the classroom, and coach teachers.  It's a big job, but one that I love more and more each day, even though it keeps me quite busy!  The small groups that I pull are pretty consistent throughout the year.  I do have students graduate from time to time, and I add new students here and there when we can make it work with scheduling.

The small groups that I see are what I call my "Tier II" students.  They are getting all of their reading instruction from their teacher (Tier I or "Core"), and then a second dose of reading from me.  These little kiddos need a lot of repetition and even more explicit instruction in order to gain the reading skills that they need to move them forward.

My time with them is very limited.  I have 30 minutes a group.  That time is even shorter when you factor picking them up from their classrooms and walking all the way to my room.  I am one of the rooms that is upstairs.  Even though that time is precious, I started spending the first few minutes of our group time specifically working on the individual skills that they need.  For instance, I have a group of 2nd grade students who are still struggling with some of their short vowels.  They read and practice that skill for the first 2 minutes of group time.  This is the set of posters that I use for the students who need all short vowels.  

I have other posters for the students who need just a specific short vowel.  I use my simple alphabet book for my Kindergarten or 1st grade students who are learning letter sounds.  I have blends, digraphs, and others.  My intent is to clean them up and put them on my store (among the 15 thousand other things that I want to finish).  I digress.  Click the picture above to pick up your own copy of my short vowel practice posters.

I want to thank Stacy for letting me take over her blog today.  I hope you were able to gain some new insights on how you think about and plan your reading instruction!

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