HFW Poison Apple Game - Freebie!

 Free HFW Game
HFW Poison Apple Game is a fun game that your students will squeal with delight! This game uses the Fry Words from List 101-200. (Any set of words can be used for this game.) Use vocabulary words, spelling words, or words students need practice reading.

Players: 3-4 Players

1. Player 1 draws a card from the can, announces the word aloud and puts the word in a sentence. If the word and sentence is correct, the player keeps the card.
2. If the player says the wrong word or uses a wrong sentence, they cannot keep the card. They must put it back in the can.
3. Players continue playing while collecting cards.
4. If a player picks a Poison Apple card, they must put ALL cards they are holding back in the can. Try to shake the can before the next player picks a card.
5. The first player to collect ten cards is the winner.

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