Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Games for a Class Party

 Halloween Centers
Halloween Theme Centers and Activities has engaging, educational ideas to use for your party or for the month of October. It uses math, reading, writing, and science activities to keep your students learning all month long! These centers are perfect for 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms. Over 50 pages of ideas!

 Halloween Pack
Math Centers and Activities Include:
Coordinate Grid and Ordered Pair
Left, Right, Center with addition or multiplication
Pumpkin Sticks -addition or multiplication
Catch A Snack - addition or multiplication
Odd/Even Game
Combination Pumpkins
M&M Activity using addition/multiplication
Pumpkin Math-use a real pumpkin to estimate, weigh, and measure

 Halloween Activities for Reading and Writing
Reading/Writing Centers:
Syllable Game or Center-Use Halloween words to find how many syllables are in the words
ABC Order Race
It used to be a pumpkin seed...
Boggle Board
Noun/Verb/Adjective Game

How many Candy Corns can you stack before it falls?
Will the candy sink or float?
What happens when you put a piece of candy in water?

You can purchase Halloween Party Center and Activities right here for a discounted price!


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